Best Student Cellos Reviews

Cecilio CCO-100 Student Cello
Size 3/4 high-luster varnish cello
Crack-proof spruce top with maple neck, back & sides
Maple fingerboard and pegs with an alloy tailpiece
Cremona SC-165 Premier Student Cello Outfit
Select tonewoods, quality workmanship for better sound
hard shell foam case for excellent protection
Set-up to MENC Standards
Antonius VC-150 Student Cello
Spruce Top
Maple Back and Sides
Solid Hand Carved Maple Neck

Starting to learn to play a new instrument is always hard. You need to invest hours of your life almost every single day, and the effort is extraordinary. However, at the same time, it is a beautiful thing that can bring you a sense of accomplishment. After all, music is an art enjoyed by all people, and we should all appreciate. Learning to play the cello is relatively difficult. I am sure that there are more difficult instruments to learn. Strings, no matter how they are displayed, make one of the most beautiful sounds, and I have to admit it is one of my favorite instruments, along with the piano. So, if you are interested in playing the cello, the first thing you need to do is to find yourself the best student cello you can afford.

The difference between a professional cello and a student cello

You may be wondering why you need a student cello when you begin learning and not a regular cello. The answer is quite simple. As a beginner, you cannot handle the range of tones and sound a professional cello can make. You need to learn how to use a cello before becoming a professional, and you will not be able to do that on a regular cello.

The student cello cannot make the same range of sounds, which is great for a student because he or she could not keep up otherwise. It will not sing badly, but you will not be able to play pianissimo, for example. A professional cello will be able to play pianissimo and fill with sound an entire concert hall, while you can barely hear a student cello playing pianissimo. To sum it up, a student cello is a simplistic version of a professional cello. But do not worry. You will be better one day as well. All you have to do is work hard and never give up.

Student cellos: what to consider?

The market is not full of cello manufacturers, so making a choice should not be hard. However, that argument is valid only as long as you know something about cellos and what you are looking for. While there are multiple student cellos on the market, making a choice is close to impossible without doing your homework. So, here is what you should know:

  • Cost – high-quality student cellos do not come cheap. You can find a few satisfactory models with a couple of hundreds of dollars, but a really good one will be somewhere at 1000$. You may find cheaper as well. It depends on the manufacturer. It is not that bad when you think about the fact that a professional cello is sold with 5000$. However, as a beginner, making such a huge investment is a terrible idea. Why? Because you can always get bored. That is a risk when you start learning. What if you buy the expensive cello, get bored, or you are not good at it, and then give up? Sure, you can sell it back, but by the time you sell it back, its value will have decreased. Not a smart investment, is it? Buying the cheapest cellos is also a bad idea because it will not help you learn. What you need to do is establish a budget, stick with it, and make the most of it. Find a balance.
  • Construction – cellos are beautiful instruments by nature, but not all of them are constructed using the same technique. A hand-carved cello looks stunning, and it sounds perfect, but it may be a bit costly. After all, all handmade instruments are expensive. Then there is the quality of the wood. Maple and spruce are the best you can find, and make sure that they are glued together perfectly. Otherwise, the cello may not sound as it should. The fingerboard should be made of rosewood or ebony, but other materials work just fine for a student. Other things you should look at is that the endpin is adjustable, the nut should be positioned correctly, and that the soundpost is placed properly inside the cello. The bridge should have the appropriate thickness, and the tailpiece should be resistant and made of high-quality wood, metal, or plastic. The choice is yours. All the things mentioned above are meant to create the best possible sound. Any mistake can affect the sound, and not in a positive way.
  • Study your options – when it comes to size and model, nobody says that you need to follow some standards. You need a cello that will make you feel comfortable when you play it. There is no telling if a particular cello suits you until you try one. My advice is to go to a music store. You will find several models there, and you can test them out. You do not necessarily have to buy, but at least you know which one is best for you. Then you can go home and order one online with peace of mind that you choose the right cello. Some people may recommend that you rent a cello just to see if you get comfortable with it, but in my opinion, that is money thrown out the window. There is more than one way to find the correct student cello for you.
  • Size – not all people are the same size, which is why it makes sense that there is more than one size. There are several available sizes when it comes to cellos: the 4/4, ¾, and ½. The full-size cello is the 4/4, but only a person over 5 feet can comfortably play that one. The ½ cello is meant for people under four and a half feet, and the ¾ is suitable for everyone that is in-between. If two sizes are appropriate for you, the right thing to do is to go for the smaller cello. At least that is what professionals advise.
  • Accessories – the cello you order will come with its own bow, and most of the times the package will contain a case as well. However, there is more to it. You can choose between a hard shell and a softshell case. You will also need additional strings, sheets, and a stand. Do not forget about the endpin and the rosin either. You will need all of them.

I know that the theory is simple, and in real life, things are not as easy. If you feel confused, you can always refer to a specialist, someone that knows a thing or two about cellos. After all, you are about to make quite a significant investment, and you do not want to end up with the wrong student cello. As a beginner, it is your right to not know everything, and asking for help is nothing to be ashamed about. It is better to ask for help than regret your actions.

What are the best student cellos?

As I mentioned before, there are not many cellos manufacturers. It is not a big market for them, which is why your choice should be easier. However, if you do not have a nose for these things, you will find three excellent suggestions below. Hopefully, they are of help.

Cecilio CC-100 Student Cello with Soft Case

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Cecilio is a dedicated manufacturer that produces high-quality cellos at reasonable prices. This model is, in fact, one of the cheapest student cellos you can find. This particular model is available in all sizes, but this one is a ¾ high-luster varnish cello. So, as long as you are under five feet but over four feet and a half, this is the cello that is best suited for you. Also, this model seems to be one of the most popular models online. The low price and the high quality may be the reasons.

The Cecilio CC0-100 is made of high-quality materials and has a sturdy construction. It has a crack-proof spruce top; the neck, back, and sides are made of maple, so there are no concerns here. The fingerboard and pegs are made of maple as well, and the tailpiece is made of an alloy. The cello comes with four integrated fine tuners that will make your job a little bit easier.

The package includes the cello, a bow made of Brazilwood, and the strings are made of unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair. You will also receive a soft padded case for safe and easy carrying, rosin, bridge, a stand, and an extra set of strings. The cello is easy to restring, and you will enjoy playing this cello, just like all the people who have already bought it. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon

Cremona SC-165 Premier Student Cello

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The Cremona is in an entirely different league than the Cecilio. It is a student cello, but the price is a bit high, so you should buy it only if you are serious about taking on this new hobby. However, it is a beautiful instrument to look at, and the manufacturer created perfection when it made this instrument. There is no way you are going to be disappointed.

Moving on from the fact that it looks stunning, the Cremona cello displays a flawless craftsmanship. You can find it in all sizes, but this one is a ¾. The sound is perfect, and the tones are heavenly. You will receive a hardshell case to protect this work of art. The cello meets all MENC standards, for your information. The neck is oiled, which will provide a better feel. The bow is perfectly balanced so that you can play easily. The fittings are made of Indian rosewood, and the fingerboard is made of ebony. Only the best materials were used for this cello’s manufacture. Hence the price.

The string height and spacing are perfectly positioned so that you will not have trouble with finger positioning. The cello also features fitted Swiss-style pegs and a tailpiece made of lightweight composite. The four smooth fine tuners will provide effortless tuning. Everything about this product screams quality, and you will enjoy playing it every single day. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon

Palatino Antonius VC-150 Student Cello

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Last but not least, the Palatino is what you would call a medium-range cello. It does not enjoy the same quality as the Cremona, but it is slightly better than the Cecilio. Even so, it enjoys quite the popularity among cellos students, which is why I thought you would like it. It is a full-size 4/4 cello, so make sure that you are five feet or taller if you are thinking of purchasing it.

The spruce top and the maple back and sides are perfectly bound together to ensure strength and durability. The neck is hand carved, and the material used is solid maple. It is as durable as a cello neck can be at this point. The four fine tuners will ensure easy tuning. The bow is made of Mongolian horsehair, which is among the best materials on the market.

The golden brown finish gives this cello a lovely aspect, and I am sure you are going to love playing it. Many people have already bought this model and claim to be more than satisfied with their purchase.

My recommendation

I think that the quality of an instrument has a lot to say about the quality of sound. A high-quality instrument will always help you create the most beautiful music. That is why my number one recommendation when it comes to student cellos is the Cremona SC-165 Premier Student Cello. It may be a bit pricey, but it will help you learn how to create the perfect sound. The quality will make you better. That is the only reason I need to believe that this is one of the best student cellos in this price range. Click here to read more reviews and buy on Amazon


Music is the art that everybody enjoys. I do not know anyone who does not like music. The process of creation, on the other hand, relies on premium instruments. The better an instrument is, the better the sound. Any musician will tell you the same thing. That is why I think you should consider one of the products above. A student cello will shape you to be a cello player, and how good you want to be…that is entirely up to you and your choices. Click here to buy on Amazon

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